Emergency Drills

Emergency drills are important and serious exercises that may save lives. Everyone should know the designated escape routes from those areas of the building where they may be located.

Building Evacuation Guidelines: There are several scenarios in which it may be necessary to evacuate the building. There will not always be an alarm given; notice may be given verbally. Therefore, it is essential that each student know where to report in the case of a building evacuation.

  • When evacuation notice is given, students will take all belongings with them, unless other directions are given. Students in a class need to stay together with the teacher/adult in charge.
  • Walk quickly out of the building, keeping the access roads to the school clear for emergency vehicles.
  • Report to your class’s designated location. The teacher will take roll to determine attendance. Any student not present will be reported to the command center. A search will be conducted for each missing student.
  • Students who are unable to evacuate with their class or who become separated from their class must report to the command center for attendance.
  • Students must remain with their class.
  • Since no non-emergency vehicles will be permitted to enter or leave school grounds either during a drill or an actual emergency, students scheduled to leave school, for any reason, must report to the command center to obtain clearance.
  • When the “all clear” notice is given, everyone will reenter the building through the nearest entrance and report to their classrooms immediately.


Other drills and events will occur throughout the year.  Examples include but are not limited to:  high wind alert drill, lock downs, and stay put.  For more information about safety drills and emergency procedures contact your school’s Security Office.