SOL Study Resources

Access the state website and use the released test items to study, see below:

Study Suggestions for Students and Parents

  • Students are encouraged to study with another student or at least call another student from the class to clarify and discuss assignments.
  • Contact the teacher to discuss concerns and ask for suggestions as to how to correct it. Parents can ask to be informed about progress (good or bad). Teachers are often available for extra help after school. Ask teachers when they have available time.
  • Students or their parents may contact the counselor for information on tutoring.
  • Contact the case manager if the student received special education or Section 504 accommodations.
  • Contact the student’s counselor to discuss concerns and receive suggestions.

Writing Resources at Home: Have a good dictionary and thesaurus and encourage your child to use them. A writing handbook such as the Modern Language Association (MLA) handbook may also be useful. Ask your child’s English teacher to recommend a preferred resource.

United Way of Greater Williamsburg Help-line: This one-call-for-all service help-line offers information and referrals for health and human service needs to residents of the Greater Williamsburg area: 229-2222.