Student Parking

Eligible students must apply for permission to park a vehicle in the student parking areas. Only a limited number of student parking permits are available and only students issued a valid JHS, LHS or WHS parking permit may park their vehicles on school property and only in designated student parking areas. Students attending shared courses at other WJCC high schools may use the parking permit issued by their home school.

Note: Students who missed their bus or ride to school will not be permitted to park on campus without a parking permit.

It is the student driver’s responsibility to apply for and obtain a parking permit before driving to school. Applications are available in the main office or Assistant Principal’s office.  The necessary parking pass paperwork includes:

  • A completed parking pass application form.
  • A photocopy of the vehicle(s) registration.
  • A photocopy of the student’s driver’s license.
  • Students who park on campus without a permit will receive a parking violation.


All recipients of parking passes are required to follow all driving regulations, the Student Discipline Policy, and all rules applying specifically to the student’s home school. Among other consequences, students authorized to use school parking will forfeit this privilege if in violation of any rules, regulations, or policy, and will not receive a refund of fees.