Student Rights and Responsibilities for the Age of Majority

School personnel have an obligation to inform students of their rights and responsibilities as they reach the age of majority. Necessity dictates that age of majority students follow the same school rules that traditionally have applied to all students. In accordance with the Code of Virginia, a person shall be an adult, shall be of full age, and shall reach the age of majority when he/she becomes 18 years of age.  The application segments of the procedure will be provided in writing to age of majority students.

  •  Grade reports, disciplinary reports, statements of disciplinary action, student personnel records, and general school notices will be directed solely to the student upon reaching the age of majority (18 years of age).
  • The student may waive his/her right to age of majority privileges in order for all pertinent information to be sent to the parents/guardians as with younger students.
  • Age of majority students are responsible for:

o   Telephoning all legal absences.

o   Writing excuses for legal absences, early releases and tardiness.

o   Signing school forms granting approval for participation in various activities such as field trips, athletic activities, extended vacation notices, etc.

o   Assuming responsibility for all school financial payments.

  • Signing an authorization/waiver indicates that the student, upon reaching the age of 18, waives certain legal rights and authorizes the student’s parents/guardians to be central in decision-making.
  • The authorization/waiver form is available from the Office of the Assistant Principal.  Authorization/waivers are honored until such time as the student rescinds his/her decision in writing to the Office of the Assistant Principal.