Bus Transportation: Bus transportation is provided to students of the Williamsburg‑James City County School Division. School bus transportation is a privilege that should be appreciated and not abused. All rules that apply in school also apply while on the bus, at bus stops, and during transit to and from school. Students who behave inappropriately or irresponsibly may be denied the privilege of bus transportation and may be subject to additional consequences.  Bus information can be located on the school division web site.

Bus Notes: A student may not arbitrarily ride any other than his/her designated bus and may not utilize any other bus stop than the one designated by WJCC Transportation. Students who desire to ride a different bus must present a signed parental request note to their assistant principal before school.  All bus notes must be signed by parents and will be verified before permission is granted. No bus notes will be approved during the boarding process.

Student Drop Off and Pick Up: Please drop off and pick up students at the designated locations applicable to each high school.  Jamestown and Warhill High School’s designated location is the loop by the flagpoles.  Lafayette’s designated area is on the side of the school nearest the faculty parking area.