Upcoming Exam Schedule

Early Release Bell & Exam Week Schedule               January 2019

High Schools


Tuesday, January 22nd                                   Early Release

Wednesday, January 23rd                              Early Release – Exams

Thursday, January 24th                                  Early Release – Exams

Friday, January 25th                                       Student Holiday/Teacher Workday

Monday, January 28th                                    Second Semester Begins


Exam Schedule

January 23rd (Wednesday) January 24th (Thursday)
1st Block 7:20 – 9:15 3rd Block 7:20 – 9:15
Break 9:15 – 9:30 Break 9:15 – 9:30
2nd block 9:35 – 11:30 4th block 9:35 – 11:30


  • If you are in a course that is not awarded a credit until the end of the year, you will not take an exam in January. You will take a mid-course assessment prior to the designated exam days.  You are not required to report to school during that exam block.
  • If a student reports to school during an exempt or excused exam block , he or she will report to a designated study hall as determined by each individual high school.