WJCC Science Fair Results

Below are the results from the WJCC Science Fair held last week  at Jamestown.  This first District wide Science Fair was due to the hard work of teachers Kristin Cosby, Jenny Roman, and Chris Becke who acted as sponsors and mentors to the students as they worked on their projects.  Many other teachers came out to volunteer and make it a success. All students who placed first or second have the opportunity to move on to the Tidewater fair in March. Students and faculty are already looking forward to the second annual WJCC Science Fair next year.

First Place – Samantha Lee (JHS)
Second Place – Kathryn McAndrews (WHS)
Honorable Mention – Jade Lowe (WHS)
Honorable Mention – Brooke Weber (JHS)
Honorable Mention – Erin Olson, Megan Welch, Olivia Hazelwood (WHS)

 Plant Sciences
First Place – Megan Bishop (JHS)
Honorable Mention – Eliot Davis (JHS)

Medicine and Health Sciences
Honorable Mention – Abby Smith (JHS)

Physics and Astronomy
First Place – Susan Foster, Chrisanthi Prassas (WHS)
Honorable Mention – John Seager (JHS)

Animal Science
First Place– Sophie Chapman (JHS)
Honorable Mention – Rachel Corney, Caleb Forgit, Gwyenth Martin (WHS)

Behavioral and Social Sciences

First Place – Allison Moose (JHS)
Second Place– Abigail Metzger (JHS)

Computer Science

First Place – Julia Haupt (JHS)

First Place- Maddie Haight (JHS)