FLSA Status: Exempt

Grade: 5 (Administrative)

Revision Date: December 1, 2015

Location: Middle School

Job Summary

This position is responsible for administration, instructional leadership, and supervision of operation and management in the middle school.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Organizes school program and plans for implementation of state and local curriculum guides; manages building instructional program; advises teachers on instructional methods, materials, and techniques; directs school staff development program for teachers.
  • Contributes to division curriculum evaluations, revisions, and related projects; participates in division administrator’s meetings; provides administrative support and coordination services to Central Office and other office activities; consults and coordinate with Central Office and other office personnel as needed; supervises student teacher training program at building level.
  • Develops building rules, regulations, and procedures consistent with school division policies, rules, regulations, and procedures; interprets and enforces division and building rules, regulations and procedures; prepares, distributes, and updates school handbook.
  • Maintains efficient and effective work relations with and among staff members; holds periodic faculty and other staff meetings for the conduct of school business; disseminates needed information; encourages reciprocal communications with in school; responds to staff requests, complaints, grievances, etc.; counsels staff members regarding work-related problems.
  • Prepares and defends annual school budget proposal; manages budget allotments in accordance with building priorities; maintains proper account ledgers and other financial records.
  • Interviews and recommends employment of school personnel; orients new employees; assigns and schedules building staff; recommends appointments to leadership responsibilities as appropriate; maintains necessary personnel records; employs substitute personnel.
  • Leads and assists teachers in maintenance of appropriate classroom management; counsels individual students; confers with parents; administers discipline as appropriate; reports disciplinary action as required.
  • Observes classroom teaching; administers division system for teacher evaluation; completes report on teaching for teachers severing employment; evaluates performance of other school-based personnel.
  • Maintains open communications between school and parents, community groups and agencies, and other patrons; interprets school and its program to community; encourages parent and community involvement in school activities.
  • Supervises maintenance of student enrollment and attendance records; assigns and schedules students; supervises and controls student records-keeping system; monitors reporting of student progress; assures appropriate instruction is prescribed for diagnosed learning disability students; establishes methods of evaluating the progress of individual students and the effectiveness of instructional programs in each classroom and in the school as a whole.
  • Coordinates the preparation and implementation of an annual school plan with the community and school staff, consistent with the division-wide plan and approved by the Superintendent.
  • Provides direct instructional Supervision and assistance to teachers to help them meet the objectives for classroom planning and management and utilizes available supervisory and other consultant personnel as needed to ensure an effective instructional program in the school.
  • Delegates authority to Assistant Principals for performance of specific duties and responsibilities; supervises and evaluates performance of delegated duties and responsibilities.
  • Manages implementation of departmentalized instructional program; approves master schedule.
  • Manages the maintenance of activity accounts.
  • Ensure what instructional materials equipment are used to provide learning experiences that are compatible with the educational needs of pupils.
  • Cooperates with cafeteria manager and supervisor; prepares student and teacher lunch schedules; provides for supervision of students during lunch.
  • Coordinates and supervises student co-curricular activities; approves and schedules field trips.
  • Prepares miscellaneous requests, time sheets/absentee reports, memoranda, correspondence, proposals, and various federal/state/local reports and surveys; ensures appropriate filing system.
  • Models the WJCC Strategic Plan Values: Individualism, Integrity, Innovation, Accountability and Collaboration.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications (Knowledge, Skills and/or Abilities Required)

  • Must possess a Master’s degree; must possess Virginia Postgraduate Professional Certificate in Administration and Supervision.
  • Knowledge of human growth and development; human relations skills; ability to work effectively with students, parents, staff, patrons, fellow administrators; good character; working knowledge of curriculum and instruction; financial management and planning skills.

Supervision Exercised

Supervises work of assistant principals, teachers, school nurse, secretarial/clerical staff, teacher aides, custodial personnel.

Supervision Received

Performs duties under the supervision of the Assistant Superintendent, Secondary School Leadership.

Working Conditions and Physical Requirements

Frequent interruptions, frequent and abrupt deadlines; subject to supervise and address large audiences; supervision of outside activities.  Subject to public criticism and pressure for decisions on and execution of policy subject to court appearances and community engagements and subject to making expedient decisions in times of crisis.

This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by this employee.  The incumbent will be required to follow any other instructions and to perform any other related duties as assigned by the principal or appropriate administrator.  WJCC Public Schools reserves the right to update, revise or change this job description and related duties at any time.