Hello! You have found the Art website for James River Elementary School. All grade levels will be working on drawing, painting, crafts, and sculpture! I love the enthusiasm that students bring into the art room, and encourage creative thought and self-discovery through art. As your student brings home his or her artwork, I highly encourage you to ask a few questions about the artwork they share. Some examples could be:

What is it that you made?

What did you learn while you made it?

What was your favorite part about making this artwork?

Are you happy with the artwork you made?

Did you work hard at making it?

Following up with students at home about their creations is a fantastic way to reinforce their learning in the art room and encourages students to talk about the work they’re making, which is a great skill in communication!

Thank you for supporting the Fine Arts and I hope to see you around school this year!

Derek Cook

Fine Arts Teacher

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