Katherine Haramis, RN BSN

School Nurse

p: (757) 887-1768
f: (757) 259-3738
e: katherine.haramis@wjccschools.org

As a link to student, home, school, and community resources, the school nurse helps to assists students obtain an optimal level of age-appropriate physical, mental, and social well-being, by exploring conducive ways to eliminate barriers which hinder student learning.

Parent/Student/Nurse Communication

  • If your child has may health concerns you wish to discuss you may contact me by phone or come see me in the clinic.
  • I will safeguard the privacy of students and their family’s personal health information.
  • I will call parent/guardian when their child is sick and needs to come home.
  • Most students are able to report visits to the clinic, but I will inform parent/guardian of illness/accidents of concern with a note or phone call.
  • I tell students, “What you tell me I will keep in confidence unless I feel it is necessary to share it with someone to protect you or others.”

Medication Administration

  • All medication requires an order by a Health Care Provider, including over the counter medication (i.e. cough drops). The Parent/Guardian and Health care provider must complete the permission form. This form grants permission to the School Nurse to administer medication and to contact the Health Care Provider.
  • Medication must be brought to school by the parent/guardian in the original container with the label intact.

When Should My Child Stay Home?

  • Fever of 100 degrees or more (stay home for 24 hours after fever is gone)
  • Vomited or has diarrhea (stay home 24 hours after vomiting and diarrhea has stopped)
  • Has a persistent cough
  • Has open or draining skin sores
  • Has inflamed or draining eyes or ears

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