Family Fair- Dr. Nunnally

Lafayette’s new principal, Dr. Nunnally, welcomes the Lafayette family to a new school year.

Family Fair- Drama and Forensics

Lafayette students staff the Award-winning Forensics Club and Drama Club table at the Family Fair.

Family Fair- Ice Cream

Student Advancement Coach Mr. Jefferson and LHS students serve ice cream to visitors at the Family Fair.

Family Fair- Counselors

Counselor Mrs. Pottle and School Improvement Specialist Mrs. Gower-Kinney help Lafayette parents at the Counselor’s table during the Family Fair.

Family Fair- Stem Club

Junior Avery Walters mans the STEM club desk during Lafayette’s Family Fair.

LHS Leadership Forum

Lafayette’s new admin team

Welcome to Lafayette’s new admin team!



LHS Beautification Crew

Parking Pass Information 2017-2018