Last Thursday the LHS girls team won the BRD track meet #1 at Boo Williams.   Taymar Gorelick was #1 in the HJ.  Aiyana Jones was 2nd. Aiyana was also 4th in the SP.  Peyton Blanding was #1 in the PV and she was #2 in the hurdles. Rylee Vinson was 6th in the PV.   Braden Underwood won the PV with 12’ 6”.  Jacob Radosta was 7th and Matt Conrad was 8th. Robert Walton was 2nd in the sp.  Elijah Washington was 3rd.   Aiyana Jones was 4th in the sp. The girl’s 4X200m team of; Peyton Blanding, Maya Canaday, Camille Hairston and Sarah Bryant placed 2nd.  The 4X400m relay team of Taymar Gorelick, Talissa Fenske, Camille Hairston and Icesia Trimble placed 3rd.   Araya Morgado was 3rd in the TJ.  Talissa Fenske was 5th in the 500m. Allison Crookston was 8th in the 1600m.  Araya Morgado was 7th in the SP.  Ty Hundley was 8th in the 55m hurdles.  Sarah Bryant was 6th in the 55m dash.  Camille Hairston was 7th.  Sarah Bryant was 5th in the LJ and Taymar Gorelick was 6th. Genevieve Nichols was 8th in the PJ.  The 4X800m relay team of; Kali Panoutsos, Ava Ganeshon, Kaylee Kline and Allison Crookston placed 5th.  Camille Hairston was 4th in the 300m.  Vashod Phillips was 5th in the 55m.  Chris Collins was 6th in the 1600m run and Beach Stuart was 7th.  Alex Wooly was 6th in the HJ. Joseph Egbo was 6th in the 55m hurdles. The 4X 200m relay of; Noah Cane, Mike Rogers, Dale Jackson and Vashod Phillips placed 3rd.  The boys team placed 5th overall. Our track team family had a great track meet.  Way to go
running Rams!