The Pre-Admissions Series Program (PAS) is an informational program for high-achieving students who are seriously considering attending the Governor’s School for Science and Technology. The PAS series is comprised of a monthly newsletter distributed electronically to provide guidance to prospective GSST parents and students on how students can prepare themselves in 9th and 10th grade to potentially gain acceptance to and achieve success at both GSST and a competitive college.

Admission to GSST is highly competitive. The PAS through the Prospective Student Pipeline will help students learn about the GSST.  If students and their parents decide that the GSST is a good match for their interests, they will submit a formal application to the GSST in their 10th grade year. Please note that acceptance into the PAS does not guarantee acceptance into the GSST, but active participation in PAS will be considered in the final GSST selection process.

Students can begin applying to the PAS in January of their 8th or 9th grade year. To apply, students should complete an application that they can access through signing up for the Prospective Student Pipeline Newsletter from GSST.