Students pictured with their certificates.

Congratulations to the 28, talented Lafayette students whose artwork was chosen for a student exhibition at the Williamsburg Contemporary Art Center.  Their work will be on display in the gallery at 110 Westover Avenue through February 16, 2024, so please stop by and appreciate all their hard work if you have the chance.  Abigail Bollinger, Emily Chapman, Logan Clark, and Elissa Neenan all received Merit Awards for their pieces.  Nicholas Bahl-Moore, Satin Piggott, Kristine Roseborough, and Madison Townsend earned Honorable Mentions.  Benjamin Aiken, Alkyone Aristidou, Annyana Odell Bonds, Hannah Chapman, Austin Cox, Derick Dunn, Keyla Fletcher, Madison Golan, Tristin Harris, Mia Kawasaki, Vivian Lappas, Melya Ouedraogo, Stephen Palmer, Rousseau Phillips, Meghan Reider, Ozzie Sibley, Mattie Smith, Tu Tran, Javon Uzzell-Williams, and Greyden Wilson also have work on display.

Pictures of student artwork can be found at: