Katrina Carter

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Introduction to Early Childhood Education and Services

8233FS | 1 Credit

The course will focus on early childhood education and services, the roles of physical care professionals, and healthy and safe environments for children. Students will also explore career skills and characteristics related to jobs/careers in the areas of child growth, child development, and child guidance.

Nutrition and Wellness with Gourmet Cooking

8228FS | Grades 10-12 | 1 Credit | $15 Materials Fee

Students learn to make choices that promote wellness and good health, choosing foods that promote wellness, obtaining and storing food for self and family, preparing and serving nutritious meals and snacks, selecting and using equipment for food preparation, and identifying strategies to promote optimal nutrition and wellness of society


8231FS | Grades 10-12 | 1 Credit

Students focus on the parenting role; taking responsibility for growth within the parenting role; preparing for a healthy beginning for parent and child; meeting developmental needs; promoting self-discipline, self-respect and socially responsible behavior; obtaining parenting information and support; and planning ways that families and society can share in nurturing children and adolescents. This course will give developmental background helpful to students seeking to continue in sociology, psychology and/or college.

Resource Management

8214FS | 1 Credit | $15 Materials Fee

Students will focus on managing resources to achieve individual goals; making informed consumer choices; creating and maintaining a living environment that supports the well-being of individuals; living in a global environment; making decisions related to nutrition, clothing and housing; and managing a household.  A simple garment will be constructed.