Advanced Drawing & Design

8438FS | 1 Credit | $15 Materials Fee

This course provides students with a global industrial and educational standard for computer aided design offering comprehensive 2D and 3D design and visualization tools. CDAD can be applied to Engineering, Architecture, Interior Design, Graphics Arts and other design disciplines. This fast-paced individualized course provides powerful “AutoCAD™ ” software that enhances the curriculum capabilities while helping to build specific skills within the students.

Architectural Design

8462FS | Grades 10-12 | 1 Credit | $15 Materials Fee

This course provides the opportunity to learn more about the principles of architecture and related drafting practices and Technical Drawing or the computer drawing skills acquired in Computer Drawing and Design. The course information is helpful for the future architect, interior designer, or homebuilder. AutoCAD software is used to assist students in developing house plans and 3 dimensional models.

Computer Animation & Graphics

8459FO/SO | 1 Credit | $15 Materials Fee

Students will learn to create a 3dimensional model (wireframe), alter its proportions and dimensions, assign physical and chemical properties, realistically “render” it, then “animate” or create a virtual “fly-through.” CAAG emphasizes Graphic, Engineering and Architectural design. Excellent for those who enjoy the technical aspects of “AutoCAD™ ” and wish to gain further experiences in 3D Graphics and Architectural animations using 3D Studio™ Software. Career exploration in areas like Game Design, Home Page Design, Forensic Animation and Industrial Design.