Researching a current social issue for a persuasive paper



Use this subscription citation maker for works cited, note cards, and outlines.

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Timely current topics are covered in depth with the pros and cons of each. This site is a good place to start when selecting a topic to research.

LHS Databases

To access these databases from home, get the passwords from the media specialists.

World Book Online

Start with WBO to get an overview of the subject.


-Enter your search term for newspaper and magazine articles, primary source documents, etc.

-Limit (on left of results page): Select full text, publication dates, and source types.

-Advanced Search: more search options.

-Topic Overview: provides an overview of the topic.

-View: original (pdf full text) form, or html full text (may be easier to read).

-Cite (on the right): Select your citation format and copy citation.

-For additional articles, return to the search results or use the Find Similar Results button.

Williamsburg Regional Library databases

WJCC students can now access most of the databases at WRL by using the letters WJCC and your school ID.  For example: wjcc1234567890

Points of View Reference Center

Use the “click here to access database” link.

Enter your WJCC ID when prompted.

Scroll down to view the list of topics, or type your subject in the search bar.

 Google Commands

Google commands lets you refine your google search and limit your search results to specific website domains (.gov, .edu, etc.)


allintitle:global warming