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2018 William and Mary Discover Law Field Trip

William and Mary Discover Law is a program to assist students in discovering career opportunities in law and explore post-secondary paths to pursue a legal education. Students had the opportunity to take part in Constitutional Conversations with a Professor from the W&M Law School, sit on the jury for a mock trial and interview a […]

Perfect Attendance

Congratulations to these diligent RAMS for their perfect attendance during the 1st quarter at Lafayette High School! Pictured left to right are:  Alonso Jordan, Carolina Portillo, Tania Juarez, Sterling Piggott,  Paula Hernandez,  Omarion Garris, Dixon Flores,  Elmer Martinez,  Mary Paige Adcock,  Adiel Delgado, Valeria Miquelarena,  Gustavo Tejada,  Yesli Salvador,  Anderson Chacon,  Sharena Marsh, and Ana Sandoval.

National Honor Society Induction

Congratulations to Lafayette’s new National Honor Society members. The National Honor Society Fall Induction Ceremony was held November 7, 2018 in the LHS Auditorium. Mr. Archie Jefferson was our guest speaker. Please congratulate the new LHS inductees, who are all Seniors: Alec Anderson,  Keegan Ferrell, Joshua Findley, Alex Giang, Georgios Haramis, Ellie North, Isabella Paolucci, and Zachary Yelich.