The Civil War


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Gale Database- Student Edition

Student Edition is a good way to find current newspaper and magazine articles. Results are contemporary articles, books, maps, transcripts, etc. about the Civil War.


Gale Database- U.S. History Collection

The History Collection has a large searchable collection of articles, images, books and more about American History, including the Civil War.

Web Sites

The Library of Congress – Civil War Photographs

Over 1,000 photographs of Civil War scenes and people. You can select a year from 1861 to 1865, or click on Other Photographs to select photos from specific places, or about specific subjects.


The Library of Congress- Civil War Maps

Over 2,000 maps and atlases from the Civil War era.


History of the Civil War

by James Ford Rhodes (1917)

This e-book is published in its entirety via Bartleby Publishers Online. It won the Pulitzer Prize in 1917 and offers a unique early twentieth-century perspective on a war that was recent news when the book was written.

The Valley of the Shadow

The University of Virginia designed this Web site that explores the histories of two communities living along the Mason-Dixon Line, “telling forgotten stories of life during the era of the Civil War.