Early Release Procedures:  A student may have to leave school before the end of the school day due to certain situations, medical appointments, or family emergencies. When the early dismissal is not planned, as in the case of a family emergency, or if the parent forgot to send a note, the parent/guardian must come to the attendance office in person and request the early dismissal of their child.  Phoned-in early dismissal requests may not be approved.

  1. The student should bring a note requesting early dismissal, signed by the parent/guardian, and listing a phone number where the parent can be reached, to the attendance office before the beginning of school.
  2. The note will be verified by phone before permission is granted for early release.
  3. The parent/guardian or designee, as specified in the note, must report to the attendance office to sign the student out of school. The student will only be released to this adult. Students who have permission to drive must report to the attendance office to sign out. Students who leave or are picked up by their parent/guardian and who are not officially approved for absence by the attendance office will be considered truant and may face disciplinary action.
  4. Should the student return to school, he/she must report to the attendance office to sign in.
  5. Chronic early release requests by parents and/or students are subject to investigation.