The Child Study Committee (CSC) is required to be in each public school within the Commonwealth of Virginia to assist school personnel in meeting the needs of individual children who are having difficulty in school. The problems may be academic, developmental, behavioral, social or emotional. The committee is child-centered and facilitates a process that results in the implementation of accommodations, services, and/or interventions that will enable the child to be successful in school. The options to be considered exist along a wide continuum of support, ranging from mild accommodation to extensive intervention and may be available within the public school system or elsewhere in the community.


Procedure for Requesting Assistance from the CSC:

  • The referring source (typically parents, teachers, or other school personnel) may request assistance from the CSC at any time during the calendar year. The request may be submitted verbally or in writing to the CSC Chair of your high school or to the student’s counselor. It should describe academic/developmental, behavioral and/or social/emotional concerns and document attempts already employed to remedy the problem(s).
  • The CSC Chair will schedule a meeting with the parent, referring source as appropriate, appropriate staff and the CSC committee members.
  • The CSC committee will meet and analyze the problem(s).
  • The CSC committee will generate possible solutions, plans, or referrals to other school based, or community programs.