Welcome to the Library Media Center!

Our mission is to help students become effective users of information, develop a love of reading, and become life-long learners. Our philosophy is to provide access to a dynamic and relevant collection of resources that supports the curriculum at Lafayette High School.

  • LHS librarians receive a grant for an HTC VIVE.

  • Students use the HTC Vive to learn about cells.

  • Students learn about the solar system using Merge Cubes and the Gallactic Explorer app.

  • LHS librarians created a VR and 3D printing demonstration at the Muscarelle Museum at the College of William & Mary for donors.

  • Mr. Belllido’s students paint their 3D printed interpretations of Spanish artists’ still lifes.

  • 3D Pen Art

  • Students participate in the media center’s Hour of Code activities.

  • Spheros were part of the library’s Hour of Code activities.

  • Students test out the Spheros.

  • Ms. Smith’s and Ms. Ramos’ English classes participate in a Book Tasting event.

  • French students tour Paris using virtual reality.

  • Andre’s and Down’s students watched a VR recreation of Pearl Harbor.

  • Mr. Downs’ American History class takes a tour of the Alamo using virtual reality devices and a Google Expeditions app.

  • Mr. Andre’s students review the Cold War using a Breakout box.

    Students work to complete the Cold War Breakout Challenge
  • The breakout box clues were challenging!

    Students work to complete the Cold War Breakout Challenge
  • The break out box clues require team work and an understanding of the Cold War.

    Students work to complete the Cold War Breakout Challenge
  • Aha! The first team solves the puzzles and breaks into the prize box.

  • Sr. Bellido’s students fabricate houses using paper, craft supplies, and 3D prints in the Creation Station.

  • Mr. Andre’s and Mr. Downs’ American History classes explore primary sources about WWII.

  • Primary Sources: Political cartoons and posters

  • Primary Sources: Time Magazine

  • Primary Sources: Interviews, speeches, and news reels

  • Primary Sources: newspapers

  • Primary Sources: posters, political cartoon, and a WW II ration card book

  • Primary Sources: Newspapers

  • Students learn about 3D printing during the workshop for Teen Tech Month.

  • Students get creative in the 3D pen workshop for Teen Tech Month.

  • ELL students listen to a bilingual presentation about library resources.

  • ELL students use Aurasma, an augmented reality app to learn about teachers in the school who speak Spanish.

  • Librarians Mrs. Schauffler and Mrs. Wallisch accept an Innovative Technology grant for purchasing a class set of Virtual Reality viewers.

  • Take a positive thought, leave a positive thought on the library’s positivity pole.

  • Ms. Ramos’s English students use an Augmented Reality app to learn about the media center.

  • Science teacher Mr. Beard pauses to add a few pieces to the 750-piece jigsaw puzzle.

  • Special thanks to volunteer Mrs. East for creating a new brochure about the library’s resources.

  • Author Beth Revis skypes with the book club. She spoke about her books and the writing process.

  • Librarians Monica Schauffler & Amy Wallisch were awarded an Innovative Learning Grant from the WJCC Schools Foundation. The grant will be used to purchase two 3D printers for the library’s Creation Station.

  • A group of students watches as the 3D printer finishes printing an iPod case.

  • Mrs. Hanks’s calculus class finishes their first 3D printing project.