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3D Printing

3D Printing Files (Upload .stl files)

Databases & Resources

Our databases require passwords to access them from home.  Use the “Ask a Librarian” button to receive these passwords.


Culture Grams







Williamsburg Regional Library

World Book Online

Need a database password?  Want help with a research topic? Looking for a good book to read?  Use the “Ask a Librarian” button to send us an e-mail!


The document below highlights some of the key features of Google Arts & Culture.  It also contains a list of topics broken down by curriculum.

Google Arts & Culture Teacher Highlights

Sora: The student reading app.


NEW!  WJCC schools has partnered with the Williamsburg Regional Library to offer our students access WRL’s eBooks and audiobooks.  You can download the SORA app, or visit the website:

Follow the directions in the pdf below to create your account and start reading!

Sora Directions

Below is a list of eBooks offered through the LHS Media Center.

  • NEW! LHS eBooks- Watch the 2 videos below to learn how to access and read our 100 new eBooks.
    • Search LHS eBooks– Watch this tutorial to learn how to search and download the new LHS eBooks
    • Destiny Discover App– Watch this video to discover how to enjoy eBooks on the Destiny Read App
  • TinkerCad
    Use 3D shapes to create objects that you can then print! Save your creation as a .STL file.  Once it’s saved, we can upload it to our 3D printer.
  • Online converter
    Use this website to convert image files to svg files. This lets you upload the svg image to TinkerCad to make it 3D.
  • YouMagine
    Find pre-made objects to print in YouMagine. Make sure you choose free files and read the notes and comments before printing. There may be printing tips or additional settings needed. Please note these in your folder with the file before printing. No username/passwords needed.

Saving Files for Printing

Click here: 3D Printing Files

Log into your Office 365 Account

Create a folder with your name

Save your object as an .stl file and place it in the folder you created.

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