Want to come to the Media Center during Extended Learning Time? 

  • Request a pass from the teacher who has assigned the work that needs to be completed in the Library.  You will then show that pass to your ELT teacher who will release you to the Library.  Upon entering the Library, you will need to turn in your pass.

What are the Media Center guidelines during ELT?

  • You must enter promptly after the bell and surrender your pass at the door.
  • You must work quietly and remain focused during the 30 minutes of dedicated study time.
  • You must remain in the Media Center until the bell rings for 3rd Block.
  • If you are meeting with a group, you should sit on the right side of the Media Center (this space is reserved for club meetings, small group work, or for teachers working with small groups).

Any questions?  Feel free to ask Mrs. Knowles, Mrs. Collins, or Mrs. Bose.