When can I visit the library?

You can visit the library before school (we open at 7:00), during classes (on a pass issued by a teacher), during all lunches, and after school (M-F, we are open until 3:30)

I forgot my network password. How do I have it reset?

We can help!  Just give us your last name, first initial, and your year of graduation, and we’ll be glad to reset it for you.

How do I find a book in the library? How do I check it out?

  • You can use our online catalog
  • You can ask one of the Media Specialists for help!
  • You can check out up to 4 books.  Textbooks do not count.
  • To check out a book, simply bring the book to the circulation desk and give us your name.  You can check out a book for a two week period.

Can I check out equipment?

  • Yes!  We have Ti 83 calculators, flipcameras, digital cameras, flash drives, and headphones available for student check out.
  • You can check out equipment on an overnight basis.
  • Remember, you are responsible for the equipment — if it is lost or damaged, you must pay for the replacement of the equipment! 

What programs do you have available on the computers in the library?

  • Microsoft Office  
  • Audacity
  • MovieMaker
  • PhotoStory
  • Inspiration
  • Video converters

Can I bring my lunch to the library?

Yes!  We ask that you sit at one of the tables (not at the computers), and that you clean up after yourself. 

Do you issue bus passes if I need to stay after school?

If you will be riding the activity bus home, you will need to go to 5th Block to wait.  You will receive a bus pass from the 5th Block monitor.

Do you have a copying machine available for student use?

No; however, we do have scanners to scan pages from books and documents that are school-related.  See one of the librarians for help.

How much does it cost to print?

If you are printing something for a class, it is free.  Please let us know if it will be more than three pages, and try to cut and paste from web documents to avoid printing unneeded images and ads. We also have a color copier that is available for limited use.