3D Printing

3D Printing Pathfinder



Use 3D shapes to create objects that you can then print! Save your creation as a .STL file and put it in your J-Drive.  Once it’s saved, we can upload it to our 3D printer.

e-mail: 3dmc4460@gmail.com

password: 3dmc4460

Online converter


Use this website to convert image files to svg files. This lets you upload the svg image to TinkerCad to make it 3D.



Find premade objects to print in Thingiverse. Make sure you read the notes and comments before printing. There may be printing tips or additional settings needed. Please note these in your folder with the file before printing.

No username/passwords needed



This website allows you to upload pictures and turn them into .STL files for 3D printing.  You may use the library’s account to sign in.

e-mail: 3dmc4460@gmail.com

password: 3dmc4460

Saving Files for Printing

Create a folder with your name in the Stu Share–>3D Printing Media Center file.

Save your object as an .stl file and place it in the file you created.


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