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Course Description

Through project-based learning and a focus on leadership and entrepreneurship, this course will encourage and enable students to participate in continuous collaborative inquiry. Students will experience an integrated approach to English, social studies, science, business and art while building a foundation for leadership and entrepreneurial skills. Student success will be evaluated through the researching, creating and presenting of summative projects each semester.

Objectives in this course, students will:

  • PARTICIPATE in an ongoing learning community that processes and evaluates content and/or problems at a local, national and/or global level.
  • MANAGE progress toward goals, deadlines and tasks while recognizing the importance of resiliency.
  • DESIGN & CREATE relevant products through hands-on experiences and develop deeper understanding across content areas.
  • COMMUNICATE effectively across a variety of conditions. They will give and receive open-minded, caring and effective communications in the form of writing, artwork, prototypes and presentations.
  • REFLECT through thoughtful evaluation and planning of initial projects in order to assess the success of product outcomes, as well as their own learning.
  • COLLABORATE respectfully and responsibly participate in a team that works together, remains organized, and focuses on a common goal.
  • EVALUATE their own learning and the success of the outcome and product.
  • INCORPORATE different information sources, mixing traditional ideas with real-world experiences through sustained inquiry.
  • DEMONSTRATE ACADEMIC CURIOSITY by investigating beyond the classroom task to generate ideas and products that solve real-world problems and are innovative.
  • EXPAND VISUAL LITERACY through exploration and the drive to analyze and articulate the intent and impact of various graphic depictions.
  • DISCOVER & EXPLORE natural abilities to lead and examine strategies that will help make a distinct leader.
  • APPLY problem-solving skills and emerging technologies to real-life situations.
  • INVESTIGATE career opportunities and develop communication, leadership and workplace readiness skills that will enhance employability.