Principal’s Newsletter – Week of 1/7/2019

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A Message from the Principal

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We Are A RamFam

Whenever a student is unmotivated at Lafayette,

WE take the time to find ways to help them.

Whenever a student feels unsafe at Lafayette,

WE take the time to protect.

Whenever a student cries out for help at Lafayette,

WE take the time to listen and show them how much WE care.

Whenever a student falls through the cracks socially, emotionally or academically at Lafayette,

WE take the time to differentiate instruction geared to meet their needs.

No matter who the Lafayette Ram might be,

WE never give up on them. WE insist that they become the BEST they can possibly be.

Faculty and staff, the same holds true for the way WE feel and will do for each of YOU!

We Are A RamFam

Counseling Corner

According to the American School Counseling Association, high school is the final transition into adulthood, post-secondary education and the world of work as students begin separating from parents and exploring and defining their independence.  Students are deciding who they are, what they do well and what they will do when they graduate.  Our School Counseling Department have been uniquely trained in child and adolescent development, social skills, and self-management that promotes success for today’s diverse students.

Because of Lafayette’s commitment to all students and families, our school counselors’ stand readily available and accessible whenever the need arises.  WE encourage our Lafayette school community to Stay Connected! Stay Involved! Here are some updates from the School Counseling Department:

  • PSAT scores are available online now through the College Board website.
  • AP Exam Registration will begin February 18th. Additional information will be forthcoming.
  • Money Monday’s will start on Monday, January 14th! During all lunches, the counseling team will have a table set up with different scholarships available for students to research/pick up. Also, a counselor will be available to assist students with filling out scholarship applications. Please see the LHS Counseling website for scholarship opportunities as well.


Standards of Learning

January SOL window will begin January 9, 2019.  Students are encouraged to attend study sessions with teachers leading up to the test.  All SOLs begin at 8:00 a.m. directly after AEP.

Important Dates to Remember SY 2018-2019

Dates Topic
Wednesday, January 9 Reading and Geometry SOL
Thursday, January 10 Biology and Chemistry SOL
Friday, January 11 Earth Science SOL
Monday,  January 14 US History and World History II SOL
Tuesday, January 15 World History I and World Geography SOL
Wednesday, January 16 Algebra I and Algebra II SOL
Thursday, January 17 Expedited Retakes for Reading and Science
Friday, January 18 Expedited Retakes for Social Studies
Monday, January 21 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

Holiday (Schools and Offices Closed)


Tuesday, January 22 Expedited Retakes Math (No AEP)

School & Community Engagement Opportunities

The RamFam 5k Artic Run has tentatively been postponed until Spring 2019. We still would like to have our clubs, sports teams and community groups sign-up to assist with participating and supporting this exciting community event.The goal of this worthwhile initiative is to raise money to offer several $1000 scholarships for our citizenship minded students. This is also a great opportunity for clubs and sports teams to raise funds for their organization/teams.

If you are interested and willing to participate, contact Ms. Tracey Turner for sign-up and application details at

Say, “Hello” 30-Day Challenge will launch Monday, January 7-Friday, February 8, 2019.   This is one way LHS can help bring a stop to chronic social isolation, bullying, depression and continue creating an environment of connectedness. Our school community work tirelessly to support a climate of inclusion, communication, engagement and commitment within RamNation. Say, “Hello” signs will be displayed each morning near the bus loop entrances, parent/student drop-off, and main office entrances. Last year, we received overwhelming interest in supporting this challenge, and wish the same for this year. Go Rams!


Lafayette High School offers building tours for our new families. Tours are held by appointment only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you would like to schedule a tour, please fill out the form and we will contact you with a date. Here is the link:

Kudos Announcements

Assistant Principal Corner – Stay Positive

Parents and Students,

The Faculty and Staff of Lafayette High School value all students and continually seek ways to recognize when students are exceeding school-wide expectations. We want our students to be R.A.M.S. above all else while they are with us each day. Our teachers and staff look for students that are Respectful, Accountable, Motivated and Safe. As a way to promote a positive school culture and climate, students may receive a Positive Referral that highlights the R.A.M.S. expectation(s) that student exceeded and a description of the actions. We encourage students to continue to contribute in our school community by serving as role models for one another and we look forward to sharing news of your child’s Positive Referral!

Remember, keeping a positive attitude and looking for ways to help other students, your teachers, and your school helps to make everyone’s day a little brighter.  When you purposely look for ways to be positive it will become a habit that will serve you well in your career and life after high school.  This is an opportunity for each student to make Lafayette High School Great on Purpose and to continue our Tradition of Excellence.

Stay Connected!

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