The Student Handbook 2017-18


Guide to the Student Handbook


Student athletics


Academic resources

Monitoring Academic progress
 Numeric grading guidelines
Advanced Placement/Weighted courses
Weighting of concurrent college courses and dual-enrollment courses
Graduation exercises
Diploma requirements
Superintendent’s Certification for Graduation Eligibility
Promotion requirements
Diploma Seals
Exam exemptions
Academic competitions
After-school tutorials


Attendance guidelines

Consequences for absenteeism
Early release procedures
Telephone contact/notes from parents/guardians


Student rights and responsibilities for the age of majority


Student services

Following are a few simple regulations that are requested of students in order that we may help maintain safety and health for all students.

Clinic services
Food services
Work permits
Lost and found
Child Study
Contacting teachers


Student parking


Student decorum

Important rules and guidelines
Dress code
Dance decorum
Emergency drills
Corporal punishment


Counseling services


Library/media center


Publications of Interest and Student Publications


SOL Study Resources


Bell schedule


AB rotation schedule


Important telephone numbers