World Book Online

Find general information about a variety of topics, including the Black death, the Crusades, and Feudalism. You will need a password to access this at home.

Gale Databases: World History Collection

This database is full of general information on every era in history. You will need a password to access this at home.



Middle Ages Interactive

This site summarizes feudal life, religion, homes, clothing, health, arts and entertainment, and town life of the Middle Ages.

Medieval English Towns

Find out about medieval towns and their social and political town histories. There are also links to a selection of primary documents translated into English.

Middle English Text

This site accesses actual text from the middle ages. You can search by subject or name to find what medieval writers were saying.

Internet Medieval Sourcebook

This site has primary sources on a number of subjects.

Medieval Feudalism

This British website explores Medieval feudalism in great detail.

The Middle Ages: Black Plague

This website explores the plague that severely impacted Europe during the Middle Ages.

Historic UK- The Black Plague

This website looks at the effects of the Black Plague in England. There are also links to other Medieval subjects.


Check out these websites that look at mythical fish , plants, beasts, and medieval shoes!