If you access these databases from home, ask the media specialist for the passwords.

World Book Online

Start with WBO to get an overview of the subject. You’ll find general information, Back in Time, Special Reports, Behind the Headlines, Tables, Sounds, Historical Maps, Pictures, original films, and more.


  • Enter your search term for newspaper and magazine articles, primary source documents, etc.
  • Limit (on left of results page): Select full text, publication dates, and source types.
  • Advanced Search: more search options.
  • Topic Overview: provides an overview of the topic.
  • View: original (pdf full text) form, or html full text (may be easier to read).
  • Cite (on the right): Select your citation format and copy citation.
  • For additional articles, return to the search results or use the Find Similar Results button.

Gale World History Database

Enter World War I into the search box to find articles, images, and videos about World War II.


The attack on Pearl Harbor

The concise encyclopedia of World War II

The internment of Japanese Americans during World War II

World War II almanac

World War II and the postwar years in America

Web Sites

WW II Poster Collection

At the bottom, click on All Posters by Title.

Combat Artists of WW II

Find illustrations, posters, & photographs of the war.

The Perilous Fight: WW II in color

This is a well-organized resource for letters, photos, illustrations, & video. Sections include the Battlefield, the Psychology of War, the Home Front, Social Aspects, African Americans, Asian Americans, Women, Conscientious Objectors, Anti-Semitism, and a timeline.

World War II Timeline of Key Events 1939-1945

The History Place sponsors this web site dedicated to students and educators who enjoy history. You can access information and primary sources by year and by key events.

WW2 Timeline

This comprehensive WWII web site is one man’s collection of WWII resources including, Timelines, WWII on film, quotes, resources, a feature called This Week in 1941.

Google Life Images

These beautiful images from Life Magazine may be used for personal, non-commercial use only. Search millions of photographs from the LIFE photo archive from the 1750s to today. Please give credit to Life Magazine.

NY Public Library

Free and open access to over 700,000 images digitized from the New York Public Library’s collections, including illuminated manuscripts, historical maps, vintage posters, photographs, and more. Low resolution downloads can be used for non-profit purposes, however, NYPL states that the user is responsible for obtaining all permissions for all non- public domain images. When using the images, please credit the Library as follows: “Courtesy of The New York Public Library.” Use quotation marks around your search name.

Original Time Magazines from the WW II era are located in the back of the LHS Media Center.