September – What Is My Child Doing in PE?

Kindergarteners will spend the first few weeks of school practicing safe ways in which to move throughout the gymnasium. Basic locomotor movements like walking, running, jumping and hopping will be introduced, as well as the concepts of personal space and intensity

First graders will review the concepts of personal space and intensity. They will practice locomotor movements such as walking, running, jumping, and hopping, and will continue to work on skipping, galloping, sliding, and leaping.

Second and third graders will toss and catch individually and with a group and review all locomotor movements. They will learn and apply the five components of fitness to class activities.

Fourth and fifth graders will review and master overhand throwing and catching to stationary and moving targets. They will use pedometers and pulse sticks, which will provide feedback during class and help drive goal setting and improved fitness. Students will learn about cardiorespiratory endurance and how it applies to various intensity levels.