February – What Is My Child Doing in PE?

Kindergarten and first graders will learn about heart health and will become aware of their breathing rate during exercise. Students will practice jumping rope.

Second and third graders will explore the relationship between heart rate and intensity and continue to learn about energy as it relates to eating from the five food groups. Students will practice jumping rope, working on the basic bounce, the skier, and the bell jump.

Fourth and fifth graders will use pulse sticks to monitor their own effort and intensity. They will learn about the three macronutrients in food and what role each plays in providing the body with energy. Students will add to their jump roping skill sets, and will work to sequence those skills to create their own jump rope routines.

February is Heart Health Month! Rawls Byrd will be supporting the American Heart Association by participating in Jump Rope for Heart this month. We will only be collecting online donations this year.