William and Mary F.L.A.G. Visitors!


“ My daddy was born in Scotland!”

“ My grandpa and grandma take me to all of the Scottish Games!”

“ How do you like my Loch Ness monster?”

“ My dad said that Scotland wants to be a separate country!”

“ Is there really a giant castle in the middle of Edinburgh?”


Just join the discussion with Mrs. MacDonald’s third graders when Laura Rutherford from the College of William and

Mary’s F.L.A.G., Foreign Lands Ambassador Group, visited with us in the library/media center.  This was such a timely visit since Scotland was voting on whether they would leave the United Kingdom today!

scotland FLAG


Naomi Kok and Gwen van Zwieten, members of F.L.A.G., Foreign Lands Ambassador Group, from The College of William and Mary shared their homeland, the Netherlands, with Mrs. Pritchard’s third grade class in the library/media center. The students learned some Dutch phrases, marveled at the windmills and the canals which can freeze over for ice skating. Their power-point placed the Netherlands in perspective since the whole country is about the size of one of our smaller states, Maryland. Sports and food were favorite topics with the children especially with one member of the class who had recently visited Holland with his family.



Our first visitor from the College of William and Mary’s F.L.A.G. , Foreign Language Ambassador Group, this year was Maria from China.

She met with Mrs. Bradshaw’s third grade class in the library/media center to share the culture of her country with a power-point presentation and then a hands-on project with kirigami (paper cutting) creating the symbol for happiness!

Maria from China visiting 3rd grade