Little Free Library

Laurel Lane Elementary is excited to introduce its new Little Free Library to our school community.  A Little Free Library offers a great way to share books with our sudents year around.  The addition of this Little Free Library to our community came about thanks to a collaboration between Mrs. Kristy Haight, Laurel Lane’s Media Specialist and The Junior Women’s Club of Williamsburg.  This project began about a year ago with the Junior Women’s Club agreeing to sponsor and build a Little Free Library for our school.  After construction was complete, 2 students volunteered to paint our library.  The Little Free Library is located at the corner of the bus loop in front of Laurel Lane.  The library is stocked with children’s chapter books and picture books.  Please help yourself to a book and if possible leave a book for other children to read.  Together we can keep our students reading year around!

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