SOL Testing Practice and Resources

Testing season is upon us.  We want to make sure our students are as prepared as possible for the up and coming SOLs.  It is a fine line between preparing and overwhelming students.   If you feel your child needs further practice we would like to provide some sites that you can use to help them practice and familiarize themselves with the SOL format.

SOL Practice Sites:

  1. SOLPass  – Practice SOL questions as well as access study guides and other resources.
  2. Jefferson Lab SOL Practice Questions – This is a practice test for several SOL tests.  You can find a variety of grade levels and tests for practice.
  3. VirginiaSOL – Make sure to choose your grade level from the column on the right to see practice item options.
  4. SOL Tools Practice – This site focuses specifically on what tools are available on the SOL test and how to use them.  It provides students with a stress free way to practice.
  5. VDOE SOL Practice Items – This is the State site for the SOLs.  There are many resources available such as practice items, videos, study guides, etc.

Celebrating Diversity in 1st Grade

Rawls Byrd is spotlighting Black History Month throughout February.  During computer centers, 1st grade has created original digital images and recorded what makes them diverse!  Please enjoy all 4 classes videos!

Hour of Code

“Our children won’t be using Java, Python, or Ruby to chat with foreign strangers on trains in exotic locales, but these computer programming languages used in developing web pages and mobile apps may be the most important second, third, or fourth language your child will ever learn.” By Hank Pellissier 

Here are some available resources for your child to practice/learn coding at home.  Most of these resources are free or available in a “lite” version, which is free.

  5. Hopscotch App
  6. Daisy the Dinosaur App
  7. Kodable App
  8. Lightbot App