John Doe

Hello Baker Bears,

I am looking forward to a wonderful year here at CBB. 

I believe that all children can learn. We as educators must break down all barriers to learning so that all students have access to content and the opportunity to meet high expectations.  Broadening  reading and math literacy are essential skills for 21st century learning. In addition, students must be able to communicate verbally and in writing.   Technology skills, problem solving skills, abilityto work in teams, creativity, flexibility, and higher order thinking skills are necessay for students to learn “how to learn” for an unknown future.  Setting high expectation for all students is necessary to increase student performance and close the gap for struggling students.  Excellent teachers make the difference in student academic progress.  A climate of respect and trust is gained by being fair, hones and consistent.  An academically rigorous.positive, and safe environment is a top priority.  All decisions must be moral based and driven by the goal of what is best for children.  Innovative thinking and perseverance are required to find solutions to tough questions.  All students and adults must be treated with dignity and respect. We must celebrate individualism and diversity.  All children deserve to be loved and accepted for who they are.