Regular attendance is critical to a student’s success in school. Please make every effort to have your child in school. If possible schedule doctor and dentist appointments outside school hours. It is important that our children learn early in life the importance of attending school regularly and on time.


The WJCC attendance policy, in support of the Virginia Compulsory Attendance Law, defines an excused absence as one caused by illness, quarantine, religious holiday, death in one’s family, flood, hurricane, or storm. A dated note signed by the parent or guardian stating the specific reason for the absence will be required upon the student’s return. A written medical excuse is required for absences in excess of three consecutive school days. Excused absences as defined above will not be granted without written communication.

Taking family trips during school time is strongly discouraged; however, family trips which cannot be taken at any other time will be considered approved absences for a period not to exceed 5 days. Parents must submit a written request to the Principal at least one week prior to the planned absence. Planned absences for family trips will be approved only if the student’s attendance, behavior, and academic record are in good standing. Absences for family trips which have not been prearranged will be documented as unexcused. In determining whether or not a trip will be excused, the administration will review a student’s absences. If the number of absences exceeds an average of one day per month the trip may not be excused.

Excessive or chronic tardiness and absenteeism are monitored by teachers, assistants, the attendance associate, administrators and the school social worker. Excessive absences may result in court action.

WJCC has implemented a division wide calling system that contacts all parents of students who are absent. There is no need to call the office to inform us of your child’s absence, but a note is still required upon the student’s return to school.


Tardiness is disruptive to the routine of the school. Acceptable reasons for excused tardiness to school are illness of pupil, medical and dental appointments that cannot be arranged out of school hours, or bus problems. Any student arriving after 9:25 AM must be accompanied to the office by an adult to sign in and receive a tardy pass. Names are removed from the absentee list by the attendance associate in the office.