Kindergarten Has a “Thing” for Reading!

Mrs. Reeher’s kindergarten class celebrated “Read Across America Day” in style with their Dr. Seuss inspired outfits!


Up, Up, and (Almost) Away!

On SMATH (Science, Math Art, Technology, and Wellness) day, Mr. Jacobs presented students with a HUGE surprise! Awaiting them on the soccer field was a hot air balloon direct from New York! Sadly, the winds were too strong to allow the balloon to full inflate and go aloft, but students were able to hear from the pilot about what makes a balloon fly, to see some of the instruments, and to see – and hear – a demonstration of the burners.  The pilot, from Liberty Balloon Company, also shared a slideshow featuring some of his favorite hot air balloons and places to go ballooning.

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IDance Performs for Matoaka Students

The Institute for Dance performed a variety of tap and modern dances pieces for a fascinated lower grades audience as part of the week-long Fine Arts and Music Week. To learn more about their programs, visit their website.

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SMATH = Science, Math, Art, Technology, and Health of course!

On SMATH night students and parents had the opportunity to try yoga and hands-on science and math activities, watch a Karate demonstration, build with programmable Lego WeDos, try art on an iPad, learn about health from an allergist and other health practitioners, talk with those active in the local golf and biking communities, and have a great time seeing and hearing about the all the great STEAM learning going on in our school.
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Dance Around the World

Marine Science in the Classroom

Second grade students observed marine life up close and personal as part of their classroom-based science work with Chesapeake Experience. Students in grades 2-5 enjoy land-based science workshops as well as kayaking trips with Chesapeake Experience thanks to the generous support of the Matoaka PTA.

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Matoaka Chorus Performs for Fine Arts Week

The Matoaka Chorus performed a variety of songs at a daytime assembly as part of the  Fine Arts and Music in Our Schools Week. The chorus is composed of 4th and 5th grade students.

Matoaka and Lafayette Orchestra Concert

To kick off Fine Arts Week at Matoaka Elementary School, the Lafayette High School Orchestra, under the direction of Mary Giacolone, performed for the 4th and 5th grade students on Monday, March 7.  At the conclusion of the concert, the Matoaka Orchestra, under the direction of Susan Hines, joined the high school students on stage to perform two pieces together.

Matoaka orchestra

Who Kissed Penelope the Pig?

Which finalist got to smooch Penelope the Potbellied Pig?


Who was the lucky “winner” of the “Kiss the Pig” PTA fundraiser?  Mrs. Ferrara won the opportunity to give Penelope a little kiss! Her supporters donated over $200. Congratulations! The PTA raised nearly $1,000 in this fundraiser for the school programs they sponsor. Click here to watch the video!

Skip It Team Jumps for Matoaka

The national “Skip It” jump rope team was in town to participate in a national conference for physical education teachers and Matoaka was lucky enough to get a demonstration of their skills!IMG_0525 IMG_0524 (1) IMG_0523 (1)See them in action in this video clip!