Ms. Henderson

Matoaka Elementary
4001 Brick Bat Road
Williamsburg, VA 23188
p: (757) 564-4001


Educating the whole child through enriching Art classes is an essential part of the K-5 experience at Matoaka Elementary. Children are provided opportunities to make further connections between Art and other curriculum areas such as reading, writing, math, social studies, science, history, technology, music, etc… Art accesses children’s higher level thinking skills, enhancing their ability to problem solve in and across the curriculum.

At Matoaka, students are encouraged to explore their creativity in a number of different ways and students are offered a variety of media with which to create their artwork in Centers classes as well as after school in Art Club. Artwork is exhibited at This Century Gallery, “An Occasion for the Arts”, The Williamsburg Library as well many other venues.

K-2 Centers

K-2 student art projects are designed to develop a child’s fine motor skills, eye and hand coordination, shape and color concepts and imagination. In Kindergarten, the emphasis is on shape and line. First grade builds on those basic concepts and includes patterns. In Second grade, students continue to build on those earlier skills by using them to create more complex compositions. Oil pastels, tempera paint, payons, pastel chalk, markers, scissors, and glue are all used to create their artwork.

3-5 Centers

At this age, students have increased fine motor skills and can process more complex subject matter and the fine motor skills to use more challenging media. 3-5 students focus on further exploration of the elements of art and expanding their experiences with a variety of media. Some of the projects 3-5th graders work on are clay sunfaces, oil pastel jungles, torn paper collages, African Masks, Southwestern Native American landscapes.

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