solo festival

WJCC Elementary Orchestra Solo Festival

On Saturday, March 23, 93 5th grade orchestra students converged on Matoaka Elementary School to participate in our WJCC Elementary Orchestra Solo Festival.  These students performed with great poise, confidence, and musicianship.  We are very proud to announce that 20 of these students were from Matoaka Elementary School and received a Superior rating on their performance.  They have been awarded a beautiful medal for their outstanding achievement.  Congratulations Matoaka Orchestra students!

civil war dress up

4th Grade Visits Endview Plantation

4th Graders visited Endview Plantation to get a firsthand look at life in VA during Civil War times.

teachers with grant award and students

Congratulations Tama Ferrara and Abigail Neeley: Recipients of WJC Schools Foundation Grants 2019

Congratulations to Abigail Neeley, Tama Ferrara (pictured here), Michaela Garrison and Lynda Heath (on a field trip) for receiving a grant from the WJC Schools Foundation!

Board members on school busBoard members standing next to school bus

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Music in Our Schools Month

Music in Our Schools Month is wrapping up with this more guests visiting our Music class to share their talents with Matoaka students. student in music class


student in music class






group of students for road cleanup

Working Together: Brick Bat Road Cleanup

Teachers and students worked together to beautify Brick Bat Road.

Raising Cybersmart Middle Schoolers

Parent Academy: Raising Cybersmart Middle Schoolers – Register Today!


How to reduce your child’s online risks


This workshop will explore online safety and responsibility for middle school children. Parents will learn about cyberbullying myths and realities, inappropriate content, and how to promote a positive digital reputation for their child.


WEDNESDAY, APRIL 17, 2019 – 6:00PM





Seating is limited. Register online at or contact Dr. Felicia Highland at (757) 603-6541

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Lunar New Year2019 in Third Grade

Written by Janna O. (5th Grade Student Reporter)

Interview with Mrs. Moran-Alley about the Chinese Lunar New Year 

Janna: Did teachers choose this new unit or does it have to go according to each grade?

Mrs. Alley: Yes, it does go according to each and every grade.

Janna: How do teachers know about the Lunar New Year?

Mrs. Alley: The teachers read about the Lunar New Year and ask students who celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Janna: How do teachers explain the new unit?

Mrs. Alley: Teachers use PowerPoints, videos, books, and parent volunteers.

Janna: Is the Lunar New Year unit hard or complicated for some students?

Mrs. Alley: The Lunar New Year is part of the Ancient China unit and the children enjoy the   Ancient China unit, so it isn’t that complicated.

Janna: Is the Lunar New Year supposed to be taught to 3rd grade or not?

Mrs. Alley: The Lunar New Year unit isn’t necessarily taught to the 3rd graders but the teachers like to teach it to them.


Learn more about the Lunar New Year. Click below.

teacher standing by fake tree

New Teacher of the Year Award

Congratulations to Emma Zahren-Newman who is Matoaka’s first recipient of WJCC New Teacher of the Year Award.

As the oldest of 9, Emma Zahren-Newman has been working with kids her whole life. She is delighted to be teaching 3rd grade at Matoaka Elementary School where she brings together discovery, understanding, play, and respect. Emma is Matoaka’s Multicultural Engagement Advocate and spends her free time volunteering with the county’s Clean County Commission. So far her favorite subject to teach is science because students get to learn more about the world around them and how they can make a positive impact.