Children should dress comfortably so that they can take part in physical activities with ease and take part in art activities without fear of ruining clothing. For example, long dresses, sandals and clogs make physical activities difficult and unsafe. In a school environment, all children should dress modestly. This is especially important for our older students. Please do not send students to school in short shorts, shirts above the waistline or in halter-type blouses. Makeup and excessive jewelry are also discouraged. Offensive messages on clothing are prohibited. Hats and jackets should not be worn inside.

Shoes for school should be safe and appropriate for outdoor play. Athletic shoes are required for physical education.

Lost and Found

Many articles of clothing and other personal possessions are frequently left by the children. Please send your child to the school office if they have lost small or valuable items. Lost and found clothing is stored in a box in the corner of the cafeteria.