ll individuals must utilize the main parking lot, the only exception would be for those individuals qualified to use the handicap parking spaces.

  1. The loop in front of the school is the fire zone. Individuals are not to park, idle, or wait in their vehicle in this area. In that it is a regulated Fire Zone, you take the risk of being ticketed or having your vehicle towed. Please be aware of this and please refrain from parking or sitting in the Fire Zone. Signs are posted as a reminder.
  2. The side parking lot is designated Handicap Parking. Individuals are not to park, idle, or wait in their vehicle in this area. In that this is a regulated Handicap Parking area, you take the risk of being ticketed or having your vehicle towed. Unless your vehicle is clearly defined as being qualified to use this area, please be aware and refrain from parking or sitting in your car in the Handicap Area. Signs are posted as a reminder.
  3. Buses Only: The side road between the main parking lot and the bus loop is for buses only. This must be especially adhered to during morning student drop-off and student pick-up. Students should not be dropped off in this area. A sign is posted as a reminder. Also the bus loop on the far side of the building is for buses only.
  4. Student Morning Drop-Off Zone: Parents may begin dropping their students off at the front of the school no sooner than 9:10 a.m. A Matoaka staff member will be there to greet them. Parents and guardians, as soon as your vehicle is safely in this defined area, your student(s) is to exit the car. Waiting until you are near the front of the line will hold up the procession of vehicles. This will cause the line of vehicles to move slowly and inefficiently. Your time and that of getting students out of cars quickly are both valued. Your cooperation is much appreciated in keeping the line moving during such a busy time of the morning. Once again, students are expected to exit their vehicle as soon as the vehicle is safely in the Drop-Off Zone. The safety of all students is a top priority. The only area that students should be dropped off in the morning is the Student Drop-Off Zone.
  5. Leaving School Before Dismissal: Parents or other authorized persons picking up children from the school at the end of the day are requested to report to the school by 3:50 p.m. You will be required to sign your child out in the office. Parents are requested not to take children out of school before the school day has ended. Learning continues until the end of the day and much is lost both for the individual student and the classroom through early dismissal. When a student must be picked up early, parents should send a note with the child notifying the teacher. The note will be forwarded to the office with the attendance list. If circumstances arise during the school day that necessitates picking up your child, please call the school office to inform us. All authorized persons must have a note from the parent/guardian. Identification of parents and authorized persons will be verified before children are released. Parents will receive their children from the gym beginning at 4:00 p.m. Please do not go to the classroom areas at the end of the day as this will help our teachers to ensure an organized and safe end of the day.