Who Does the Reading Recovery Teacher Serve?

Outside of the students’ regular instruction, selected children, benefiting from additional support with reading and writing, work with Reading Recovery teachers in small literacy groups or an individualized program.

Literacy Groups

  • Small classes taught by Reading Recovery teachers
  • Average of 3 – 5 students per group

Reading Recovery

  • Individualized program to meet the student’s specific strengths and weaknesses
  • Program generally runs for 12 – 20 weeks

How Can You Help at Home?

Tips to help beginning readers succeed.

  • Read title of the story to your child
  • Talk about the picture on the cover of the book
  • Take a “picture walk” through the book with your child.
  • Ask your child to point under each word as he reads. (This develops understanding that talk matches words.)
  • Don’t cover the pictures!!!!
  • Find ways to praise your child.
  • Let the child hold the book and turn the pages.
  • Refer to words that might be hard as “tricky” words. Wait 5 seconds before you tell your child the word.
  • Let the child finish the sentence before you correct the error. Help your child develop reading strategies by reminding them to:
    • Look at the picture and think about the story.
    • When stuck on a word have your child go back to the beginning and read it again.
    • Get their mouth ready for the first sound.
    • Think about what makes SENSE
    • Look for parts (chunks) they know.