Mrs. Watkins Class Loves to Read in the Sunshine!

As much as Mrs. Watkins first grade class loves reading in Room 202, they love reading outside in the sunshine even more!

Spring Has Sprung In Mrs. Bush’s Class!

Spring has definitely sprung in Mrs. Bush’s second grade class! They recently celebrated her annual “Bee Day” where she adorns her hive with real flowers and has her “worker bees” engage in wonderful activities to learn about the life of bees to include the parts of a flower, pollination, life cycle of plants and insects, habitats, food webs, the parts of an insect (using bees as an example), bee jobs and behaviors! Happy Spring!

We Got Special Visitors from the Civil War Era!

We had such a special treat on Friday! One of our fifth graders in Mrs. Durante’s class and a first grader in Mrs. Schrack’s class played a drummers call with their father and the Civil War reenactment group! We are so lucky to be in such a historical part of Williamsburg and even luckier to have such talented students and families!

Delta Kappa Gamma Inductees

Delta Kappa Gamma Inductees 2016


Two of our beloved staff members and one cherished former staff member at Matthew Whaley were inducted into Delta Kappa Gamma recently: Beth Hagy, Diane Huebner, and Linda Sidebottom.  Here is a brief description of Delta Kappa Gamma:

DKG is a professional honor society of key women educators in the United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America and Japan. Our mission is:

to promote professional and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education.

The vision of DKG is to have

Leading Women Educators Impacting Education Worldwide.
You can be a part of this great future for education.

We are so proud of Matthew Whaley Family!!

Our Kinder Kids are Proud Parents!

Our kindergarten classes became proud parents this past week as their baby chicks hatched! They were in their incubators for 21 days and now they will go back to the farm. What a great way to show our kinders responsibility!

Great Computer Challenge Was a Success!

Congratulations to our Great Computer Challenge participants who competed on May 14th! MW won 3rd place in desktop presentations, 3rd place in internet scavenger hunt, and 4th place in video editing! Great job Patriots 😆!

Yearbooks Are Here…and Still For Sale!

fb6c77f7a39ef4da2056a40fa65e5b92Yearbooks have arrived!  Teachers began distributing them to all students who ordered last week.  We still have a limited supply of hard cover yearbooks for sale in the school’s front office for $23.  Accepted forms of payment will be cash, check, or money order.  All payments should be made out to “Matthew Whaley PTA”.  Preserve those memories with a beautiful yearbook from Lifetouch!

We Love Strawberry Festival!!

PTA Fundraiser-Blaze Pizza & Menchies 5-18-16!



Our fabulous Matthew Whaley PTA is sponsoring a fundraising event at Blaze Pizza from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.  Wednesday, May 18th.  Bring the following flyer or show it to them on your phone to give back 20% of your meal to our PTA!  See the flyer for more details.   Afterwards, head on over to Menchies and get a tasty dessert.  Mention Matthew Whaley and they will give 20% back to our PTA as well! We hope to see you all there!

Blaze Fundraiser