Our Book Buddies Took Part In History!

Our Staff Volleyball Team is Undefeated!

Schools across WJCC came together this year and started co-ed volleyball teams!  Our Matthew Whaley Patriots are undefeated 4-0 right now.  Wish them luck on the rest of their games!

Important Time Sensitive Information About Gifted Services

The Williamsburg-James City County Program for Gifted Students provides services for potentially gifted and identified gifted students in grades K-12.  Students are continuously screened for gifted services, but screening for the 5th grade Specific Academic gifted identification process for fourth graders will take place second semester of this school year. Students that qualify for the Specific Academic category will receive gifted services in the academic areas of math and/or language arts in 5th grade.  If you are interested in learning more about this program, or would like to know if your child is a candidate for screening for gifted services, please contact Debbie Besnier, the gifted resource teacher/specialist here at Matthew Whaley by February 1, 2017.  She can be reached by email at deborah.besnier@wjccschools.org.

We Are Participating in the Great Kindness Challenge!

Matthew Whaley is participating in the Great Kindness Challenge from January 23-27! Be on the look out for a checklist of some awesome acts your child can participate in not only that week, but everyday to promote kindness EVERYDAY!

Our First Snow of the Season!

W&M Tribe Basketball Came to Read to Us!