Working Out while Counting

Mrs. Wheeler’s first grade class gets exercise with Mrs. Underwood!  They are working out while counting from 1 to 100.  Physical movement is proven to help students learn and stay focused throughout the day.

Beep Beep News Celebrates 150th Show

Norge’s video announcements, known as the Beep Beep News, will be celebrating their 150th broadcast on October 23rd.  Pictured here are the five student crew members who rotate positions each week.  Their duties and responsibilities include:

  1. Working the camera
  2. Playing the royal music for the Duke of Knowledge
  3. Turning on and off the main music
  4. Cuing the announcers
  5. Cuing all guests when to go on and come off stage
  6. Prop management
  7. Blocking the main doors to make sure no one enters and interrupts the live program

Crew members must fulfill one or more of these duties every week under the supervision of Lori Harms, the SCA sponsor and director of the Beep Beep News.  While Mrs. Harms assists with the writing and rehearsing of the show each week, she works very hard to make sure that the live show is 100% managed by the students.  The news show is watched live across the school on Thursday mornings, and is also recorded and posted to our website later that day.  We invite you to click on Beep Beep News under “Our School” from our homepage to view the Beep Beep News each week.