All Norge students are having a blast with the 2016 Hour of Code this week!

K-2 students are coding on iPads using an app called Code Spark: The Foos.

Students complete puzzles using computer programming logic such as sequencing, loops, and debugging.  Students also learn to “pair program”, which means working with a partner.  Students have to be encouraging and cooperative in order to be successful!


3-5 students are coding on computers with three online game choices.

Students in grades 3-5 have a choice to solve puzzles on Lightbot or Dragon Dash, or they can design their own game on Minecraft Designer.  The puzzle games use advanced sequencing, conditionals, loops, if/then statements, and functions.  The game designer allows students to code events such as “when spawned”, “when touched”, and “when used” to make the Minecraft characters come to life.  These students are also encouraged to “pair program”, although they can work alone if preferred.

Dragon Dash:
Minecraft Designer:

All students in grades K-5 will continue their coding practice throughout the year as part of their computer lab curriculum with Mrs. Cattell.

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