The Norge Elementary School Rube Goldberg Team has won first place in The Elementary School Rube Goldberg Machine Contest®, presented by Mad Science® – in collaboration with Rube Goldberg Inc., winning $1500 for the school!  The Norge team competed against others from all over the United States as well as other countries like the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and China. Each year the contest challenges teams of students in grades K-6 to design and build a Rube Goldberg Machine.  This year’s task was to “apply a Band-Aid® Brand Adhesive Bandage”. The NES team combined their creative and critical thinking skills to complete this challenge with a whimsical, humorous, under-the-sea-themed machine, complete with not one, but two programmed robots! The students not only learned a great deal about science and engineering, but also about the importance of collaboration and the power of perseverance.

Mad Science Contest Results

Video of the Team Finding Out They Won