Holland Celebrates

Mrs. Holland’s Class Buddy Reads

Mrs. Holland’s second grade class has a lot to celebrate!  They celebrated a birthday, had an awesome first week of school, and are enjoying buddy reading in the classroom.

Hatcher Candy Corn

Mrs. Hatcher’s Candy Corn Experiment

Mrs. Hatcher’s fifth grade students conducted a science experiment to determine which liquid dissolved candy corn the most. Students worked in groups and experienced each step of the scientific method. They then constructed an experiment book that explained the process and their results!

October is Bullying Prevention Month – View Events

WJCC Schools Recognize Bullying Prevention Month

hatcher science

Mrs. Hatcher’s Measurement Science Labs

Mrs. Hatcher’s fifth grade class participated in two measurement science labs this week! The first was measuring the length, height and width of various objects around the classroom using a metric ruler or meter stick. The second lab was based on measuring volume using a graduated cylinder and finding the mass of objects using balance scales.


Fall Cleanup in the Butterfly Garden

The Norge Butterfly Garden is a wonderful place where teachers can take their students to learn about plants, animals, and other Earth Science topics first-hand.  On September 27 several  staff members, one student and 7 members of the Chickahominy Ruritan Club stayed after school to begin the weeding process after the summer break.  If you are interested in helping with our Butterfly Garden please contact our new Butterfly Garden Co-Coordinators Stephanie Martin and Rob Moff.

Stephanie Martin: stephanie.martin@wjccschools.org
Rob Moff: robert.moff@wjccschools.org

butterfly garden clean upbutterfly garden student

buddy bench

Norge Receives Two “Buddy Benches”

On September 27, Norge Elementary School received two “Buddy Benches” for the playground area from former student Sofia Fitzgerald and friend Maya Reese.

Sofia and Maya decided to do a service project for their community to work towards their Girl Scout Silver Award and contacted Norge Principal Veronda Matthews to see if Buddy Benches would be a good addition to our school.  They girls explained that Buddy Benches are special benches used for children to sit on when they are looking for someone to play with.  If someone is sitting on the bench, it signals the other students to invite them to play or talk.

Now that the benches are in place, all Norge students are watching a short video explaining the purpose of the Buddy Benches and encouraging all students to make new friends and be inclusive.  Norge Elementary School is excited for this addition to our outside play area!

buddy bench with students buddy bench buddy bench sofia and maya

Norge Celebrates Constitution Day

On Monday, September 18, Norge came together in the gym to celebrate Constitution Day (9/17) and what it means to us today.  The SCA officers led the program with speeches about the Constitution and its relevance to our Norge community.  Special guest Teri Toepke, former 4th grade teacher at Norge, dressed as Miss Sally Blakeney and read the Preamble, pausing at each vocabulary word so the SCA officers could explain it in ‘elementary’ terms.  The Advanced Recorders, led by Mrs. Turner, also played various patriotic songs.  The whole school recited the Norge Pledge, and the SCA officers tasked each third, fourth and fifth grade class to elect two class representatives to the student government.  The program ended with the following words:

We the students at Norge
Can run for office!

We the students at Norge
Can achieve our education!

We the students at Norge
Can choose our career!

We the students at Norge
Have the power to help others!

We the students at Norge
Have the opportunity to change people’s lives!

October is Disability History Awareness Month – View Community Events

October is Disability History Awareness Month

Thursday, October 5, 2017
“How to Talk So Schools Will Listen (and Listen So Schools Will Talk)”
Presenter: Tina Norris, Family Engagement Specialist, Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center (PEATC)
Time: 6:00 – 7:00 p.m.
Location: Warhill High School, Room 1504


Thursday, October 19, 2017
“High School and Beyond: Transition Planning for Students and Their Families”
Presenter: Tonya Gokita, Transition Specialist, Williamsburg James City County Public Schools
Time: 6:00 – 7:00 p.m.
Location: Thomas Nelson Community College – Historic Triangle Campus


Thursday, October 26, 2017
“Communicating and Collaborating with Your School”
Presenter: Tracy Lee, Family Engagement Specialist, Virginia Department of Education (VDOE)
Time: 6:00 – 7:00 p.m.
Location: Berkeley Middle School, Room 301

Studying the Regions of Virginia

Mrs. Price’s class worked with teachers and parent volunteers during social studies. Students created the five geographic regions of Virginia using miscellaneous items that represent each region’s physical characteristics.

Mrs. Price’s Class Helps 1st Graders

Mrs. Price’s fourth grade class helped Mrs. Wheeler’s first grade class identify numbers 11-20. The fourth graders worked with their buddy class and reviewed numbers in word form and standard form. At the end of the activity, students were able to more easily recognize numbers 11-20.