100th day

Norge Celebrates the 100th Day of School!

Norge started the 100th day celebration with 100 exercises on a special Beep Beep News broadcast featuring teachers and students dressed in various 100th day costumes.  Some classes also had students dressed like what they thought they might look like when they are 100 years old.  Some second grade students wrote about what they might be like when they are 100 years old, and some used the Aging Booth app to see themselves through an aging filter.

teacher of the year

2018 Norge Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Anne Evans! She has been selected to represent Norge as our Teacher of the Year! She is a Reading Recovery teacher, working daily to build a love of reading and writing in some of our youngest learners.

teacher of the year

4th grade stem

4th Grade STEM

4th graders working with Mrs. Collins developed robots to help clean up trash in the oceans, where trash islands twice the size of Texas have formed.  The students each designed and constructed a device to fit onto an Ozobot, then tested their prototype’s ability to pick up debris.  They are engineers in the making!

fast food project

Fast Food Nutrition Lesson

In order to practice using Microsoft Excel during computer lab centers, fifth grade students are planning a meal from one of their favorite fast food restaurants using online menus.  They record the total calories and the calories that come from fat for a main dish, a side dish, a beverage, and a dessert item.  They will use functions and graphs in Excel to find out more about how healthy their choices were, and work together with a partner to see if they can find healthier alternatives on the menus.  Students will also discuss how fat content is not the only factor when deciding if something is healthy.  Sugar content, sodium levels, and portion sizes are also major factors that are not being analyzed in this project.

fast food project

moff family night

Family Night with Mr. Moff’s 5th Grade Class

Mr. Moff’s fifth grade students read stories they wrote to their families during Family Night at Astronomical Pancakes. Each child wrote a story about their family and what makes them special and shared them in front of over 100 people. A great time was had by all. The class can’t wait until the next one!

moff family night moff family night moff family night moff family night